I.  Context

The ECOWAS Regional Agency for Agriculture and Food created by regulation c/reg.1/08/11 of August 19, 2011 contributes to the implementation of the regional agricultural Policy, ECOWAP, whose vision is backed by modern and sustainable agriculture, based on the effectiveness and efficiency of family farms and the promotion of agricultural enterprises through the involvement of the private sector.

RAAF's mandate is to “ensure the technical execution of regional investment programs and plans contributing to the operationalization of the regional agricultural Policy by relying on regional institutions, bodies and actors with proven skills”. It provides the function of specialized technical structure, delegated contracting authority for ECOWAP/CAADP projects and programs.

Specifically, RAAF's mission is to:

  • Strengthen the technical intervention and action capacities of the ECOWAS Department of Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources in the implementation of investment programs to enable the Department to fully play its sovereign role (strategic orientation, regulatory, management and monitoring-evaluation, strategic watch, etc.),
  • Coordinate, with a view to rationalization, the activities and fields of intervention of specialized technical institutions in the agricultural and agri-food fields,
  • Contribute to building the capacities of regional and national actors in the preparation of files/projects, the implementation and monitoring of activities.


II.  Objective of the mission

The specific objectives of the consultation are:

  1. Carry out an in-depth technical analysis of the existing system (draw inspiration from the RAAF's institutional communication system) in particular the website visit statistics (Google Analytics), architecture, interactivity and graphic charter,
  2. Propose an innovative architecture and graphic charter that take into account the concern for usability of the interface which improves the user experience on any type of screen (responsive design); easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling, across a wide range of devices from mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and different Browsers,
  3. Develop and put online the new web interface of the website, which should be dynamic and facilitate better digitization of the Agency's communication,
  4. Update the document management module (publications/memory sheets/capitalization documents) on the website to a more innovative interface,
  5. Propose an organization/architecture that takes into account current communication standards and trends (social networks, etc.),
  6. Support the Agency for the launch of the new version of the web interface,
  7. Update the website user and administration guide,
  8. Train the RAAF Communication team on the management and use of the platform,
  9. Provide maintenance/technical assistance for one (01) year after the launch of the new web interface to ensure that it works well.


III.  Expected results

The consultation will produce the following key results:

  1. A dynamic website, in French, English and Portuguese, is functional and put online and hosted on RAAF's cloud.
  2. A new architecture which will in fact be a reconfiguration of the existing one. The consultant will however have the liberty to propose a different organization of the headings or additional headings in consultation with the RAAF.
  3. An intuitive and sufficiently advanced document management module that facilitates the search for documents on the website;
  4. Full integration of the website with the Agency's existing social media accounts, including facebook, twitter, youtube, LinkedIn (coming soon) and referencing to all of the Department's and partners' existing websites;
  5. A “responsive” design of the interface which greatly improves the user experience (display on all terminals, simplified and highly interactive navigation, ease of searching and downloading of documents);
  6. A responsive website that works not only on various screen sizes, but also on various browsers,
  7. A photo album integrated into the site,
  8. A technical note presenting the new website interface,
  9. A guide to use and administration of the site for its handling by the Agency, and
  10. The staff of the Agency's communication service trained in site management to ensure animation and updating of information.

The Agency will retain ownership of all patents, patent applications, patent disclosures, inventions and improvements (whether patentable or not), copyrights and copyrighted works (including scripts), as well as of their records and software, including any software, firmware or source code, trade secrets, know-how, database rights, designs and any other forms of intellectual property (other than trademarks) (collectively, Intellectual Property ) created during the development process of the new website interface.


III.  Qualifications, skills and experience

The Drupal Consultant must have the following profile:

  • proven experience in designing dynamic, innovative and creative websites,
  • hold a higher education diploma (BAC + 3 at least) or equivalent in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), the web and/or any other field related to ICT and web databases,
  • have at least seven (7) years of professional experience in IT development, website development and infographic design;
  • have developed several different dynamic websites;
  • Have at least three (3) references of job completion (development of institutional websites with any CMS tool) over the past five (5) years in the region (provide copies of certificates of successful completion or contracts). Development experience with Drupal CMS is an asset,
  • have solid notions in terms of security of applications / websites referencing in search engines, as well as legal notions relating to compliance with the regulations in force, particularly in terms of the protection of personal data;
  • having a good knowledge of the ECOWAS Commission and its institutions would be an asset.


IV.  Language Requirements

Fluency in one of the three working languages of ECOWAS (English, French, Portuguese) is required. Good linguistic knowledge (written and oral) of a second working language of the Commission would be an asset.


V.  Location and start of the mission

The mission is scheduled to start on April 2022, and the total execution time is 45 man-days. The consultant will benefit from a RAAF service provider contract for the performance of his work. He will be able to carry out the expected mission from his place of residence but will have to be in constant contact with the RAAF Communication Unit in Lomé, Togo.


VI.  Candidate's Application Requirements

They will consist of:

  • An expression of interest letter, including time availability;
  • A recent résumé detailing work experience and similar missions;
  • Three professional references (full names, positions, emails and phone contacts);
  • Copy of higher degrees(s);
  • Copies of work or service certificates listed on your résumé.
  • A detailed methodology and work plan for the execution of the mission.   (Applicants will be able to download the terms of reference of the mission).

NB: Any incomplete application will be rejected.

VII.  Selection Method

The consultant will be selected according to the qualification-based selection method as defined in the ECOWAS Public Procurement Code. ARAA will draw up a list of up to 6 candidates, pre-selected on the basis of the applications received, for the rest of the process, and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

The RAAF reserves the right not to respond to this call for applications.

Kindly find below the Call for Applications and the TORs

Deadline for Submission: 
Tuesday, 29 March, 2022 - 17:00
How to Apply: 

Applications shall be received no later than 29 March 2022, at 5 pm GMT, by hand delivery or by email to the following addresses: Agence Régionale pour l'Agriculture et l'Alimentation (ARAA), 83, rue des Pâtures (Super Taco), 01 BP 4817 Lomé, Togo - Tel.+228 22 21 40 03 (in a sealed envelope marked "Selection of an individual consultant, for the Development of the RAAF Strategic Plan” )."

Email: procurement.consultants@araa.org In subject: "Selection of an individual consultant, for the Development of the RAAF Strategic Plan".

NB: Applications that do not include the following in the subject line "Selection of an individual consultant, for the Development of the RAAF Strategic Plan" will not be considered.

Fichiers à télécharger: 
PDF icon Interest of Call for ApplicationsPDF icon TORs