Component 3


Project: Improving food related behaviour on value-added cassava products in Liberia by ZOA AP2_Document de projet_ZOA Liberia (Format: .pdf, 964,02 Ko)
2_Fiche Evaluation ZOA (Format: .pdf, 169 Ko)
Project: Incentivizing adoption of climate-change practices in cereals production in Nigeria by FUNAAB AP3_Document de projet_FUNAAB (Format: .pdf, 1,87 Mo)
FUNAAB - Collection of technical papers - 2017 (Format: .pdf, 58,01 Mo)
FUNAAB - Policy brief - 2017 (Format: .pdf, 44,09 Mo)
1_Fiche Evaluation FUNAAB (Format: .pdf, 199,06 Ko)
Project: Knowledge building on and dissemination of an incubator center developing agricultural professions for rural young men and women by CNCR AP3_CNCR_Document de capitalisation_EN (Format: .pdf, 7,86 Mo)
Project: Building knowledge on stakeholder's experience for the development of resilient agro-techniques in West Africa by AVSF AVSF - Note de synthèse CALAO EN - 2018 (Format: .pdf, 403,50 Ko)
Capitalization notes Capitalization note - Securing resilient rural activity systems (Format: .pdf, 287,33 Ko)
Capitalization note - Nutrition and Food (Format: .pdf, 253,53 Ko)
Capitalization note - Processing storage and marketing of agricultural products (Format: .pdf, 243,72 Ko)
Capitalization note - Social and Economic Integration of Rural Youth (Format: .pdf, 222,82 Ko)
Capitalization note -Cross cutting themes (Format: .pdf, 481,10 Ko)