Component 1


Study: food and nutritionnal insecurity in Ghana Report - Analysis and Characteristics of Risk Areas of Food and Nutritional Insecurity in Ghana - August 2015 (Format: .pdf, 3,49 Mo)
Urban vulnerability monitoring Urban vulnerability seasonal monitoring assessment report - Ghana - October 2017 (Format: .pdf, 511,75 Ko)
Training Report - Ghana - Novembre 2015 (Format: .pdf, 344,20 Ko)
Interview Form 1_Neighbourhood Key Informants_Baseline Assessment (Format: .pdf, 634,29 Ko)
Interview Form 2_Job Groups Key Informants_Baseline Assessment (Format: .pdf, 562,43 Ko)
Interview Form 3_Poor Households Key Informants_Baseline Assessment (Format: .pdf, 525,31 Ko)
Interview Form 4_Ultra Poor Households Key Informants_Baseline Assessment (Format: .pdf, 525,58 Ko)
Interview Form 5_Job Groups Key Informants_Seasonal Assessment (Format: .pdf, 416,26 Ko)
Interviewers_Training Material_Part1 (Format: .pdf, 1,64 Mo)
Interviewers Training Material _Part2 (Format: .pdf, 1,20 Mo)
Capacity building Report - Consultation workshop and capacity building of officials of market information - Accra – December 2014 (Format: .pdf, 395,39 Ko)