The mission entrusted to RAAF by the ECOWAS Heads of State and Government is to contribute to the implementation of the regional agricultural policy (ECOWAP) whose vision is grounded on a modern and sustainable agriculture based on the efficiency and effectiveness of family farms and the promotion of agricultural enterprises with the private sector involvement.

RAAF mandate is to ensure technical assistance on programs and regional investment plans that contribute to the operationalization of the ECOWAS regional agricultural policy, relying on institutions, regional organizations and stakeholders with proven expertise.

Specifically, RAAF mission is to:

  • strengthen the technical capacity for intervention and action of the ECOWAS Department of Agriculture, Environment and Water Resources in implementing investment programs to enable the Department to fully play its regulatory role (regulation, monitoring and evaluation, etc.),
  • coordinate, in a responsible manner, the activities and fields of intervention of specialized technical institutions in the agricultural and agri-food sectors,
  • contribute to capacity building for regional and national actors in the preparation of projects and the implementation and follow-up activities.