Projet d’Appui à la filière huile de palme durable en région de Cacheu (Guinée-Bissau) : PALMEIRA


Wild palm groves have real added value in terms of adaptation and mitigation of climate change (CC). In Guinea-Bissau, the Cacheu red oil sector is threatened by the rapid development of cashew orchards competing with wild palm groves. In addition, the sector is threatened by traceability problems which reduce its «geographical» and qualitative guarantee on cross-border markets.


To strengthen the resilience of family farms in the Cacheu region by developing the sustainable «Cacheu palm oil» sector.

Expected Results: 
  • Evidence-based, low-carbon practices that increase productivity are disseminated throughout the Cacheu region.
  • The players involved in the management and development of palm groves have objective information on the dynamics of the palm grove ecosystem in the Cacheu region,and decide on measures aimed at maintaining regional productive capacities.
  • A process of securing the quality palm oil sector is undertaken by the players in the sector.
Financial Partners: 
European Union
Technical Partners: 
CILSSExpertise FranceCEDEAO
Wednesday, 31 March, 2021 to Wednesday, 30 November, 2022

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