Project for the Introduction of Sustainable Agriculture Practices in Family Farms in Upper Guinea PIPADEFHG)


Family farming operations in Guinea are essential to ensure food security for a growing population,but at the moment they do not meet the food needs of the population. Restoring soil fertility is important to increase agricultural productivity.


Contribute to resilience in the face of climate change through the adoption of an integrated path allowing the implementation of good sustainable agriculture practices (more productivity and fewer emissions).

Expected Results: 
  • Implementation of an integrated trajectory connected to the evolving knowledge of research centres promoting the contextualisation of the risks and solutions of sustainable/smart agriculture in relation to the climate and the environment.
  • The agricultural transition routes for the climate are tested in situ and extended to family farms in Upper Guinea using the producers themselves within their farmers’ organisations.
  • Experiences and good practices are disseminated to other local, national, regional and international POs through an extension model/ tool, they are documented and proven.
Financial Partners: 
European Union
Technical Partners: 
CILSSExpertise FranceCEDEAO
Wednesday, 31 March, 2021 to Wednesday, 30 November, 2022

Member Countries: