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16 October, 2023 - 17:00

The ECOWAS Commission has received funding from the International Development Association (The World Bank) to finance the costs of the West Africa Food System Resilience Program (FSRP) and intends to use part of the funding for the payment of the services of a firm to carry out a study

The consultant's services concern : " Selection of a consultancy firm to map stakeholders and set up a task force and a multi-stakeholder platform for the development of poultry value chains in West Africa and the Sahel ".

The ECOWAS Commission, represented by RAAF hereby invites eligible consultants (firms) to express their interest in the provision of the Services. Consultant shall be legally constituted and qualified firms/firms (experience and operational capacity) to conduct the study. For this, the Consultant must have the following minimum experience and qualifications:

  1. be legally constituted for at least 5 years;
  2. have at least two (2) successful experiences of consultations in mapping agricultural value chain actors;
  3. have at least two (2) successful experiences of consultations on the functioning of the regional market for poultry value chain products;
  4. have at least one (1) successful experience in structuring a regional umbrella of stakeholder organizations involved in poultry value chains;
  5. have at least one (1) successful experience in setting up a regional Task Force to support the dynamization of agricultural value chains.

For the execution of the mission, the Consultant must have the staff comprising a team of (4) four regional experts and (17) seventeen national resource persons of at least BAC + 5 years, with the skills mentioned in point 6 of the ToRs.

is the expected level of effort is 320 working days , broken down as follows:


Regional consultant

National consultant

Activity 1: Mapping of value chain players and creation of a database, a directory of communities of practice accessible to the private sector 

21 days

10 days x 17

Activity 2: analysis of the state of intra-regional trade in poultry value chain products in West Africa

21 Days

5 days X 17

Activity 3 : Support for the extension and strengthening of the West African regional poultry interprofessional network

13 Days


Activity 4 : Setting up a regional poultry policy support task force

10 days



As part of its mission, the Consultant must provide the Regional Coordination of the FSRP with the following elements : .

  1. A mission start-up note;
  2. A report providing an exhaustive insight of the stakeholders in the poultry value chain, their organization and the operation of national and regional umbrella organizations;
  3. Outline of the database and information accessible to private sector stakeholders;
  4. A report on the state of regional trade in poultry value chain products;
  5. A document setting out the statutes and internal regulations of the regional inter-branch organization;
  6. A summary of the conclusions and recommendations of the constitution of the regional umbrella organization;
  7. A statement of conclusions and recommendations from the meeting to set up the Regional Task Force.

Additional information is contained in the terms of reference accessible through the drive link

Interested consultants are invited to turn their attention to Section III, paragraphs, 3.14, 3.16 and 3.17 of the World Bank's "Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers", July 2016 ("Government Procurement Regulations"), which sets out the World Bank's policy on conflicts of interest.

Consultants can join forces to strengthen their respective skills in the form of a consortium In the event of a consortium, all members of the consortium shall be jointly and severally liable for the contract in its entirety, if selected.

Following the evaluation of expressions of interest, a consultant will be selected using the “Consultant Qualification Selection (CQS)” method as described in the World Bank's IPF Borrower Procurement Regulations, July 2016, revised in November 2020.

Expression of interest files must contain the following:

  • Letter of expression of interest.
  • If the consultant is formed as a consortium, a copy of the consortium agreement or a letter of intent to form a consortium.
  • A brochure presenting the firm or the Consortium (including administrative documents);
  • Produce information demonstrating that they are qualified and experienced to perform these services. As such, they will justify that they have references of recent and similar services. To meet the qualification criteria listed in point 3 above, these consultants must provide tangible evidence and detailed references for all statements made in terms of experience and capabilities, similar assignments, availability of appropriate skills among their staff, etc.

Each reference provided must be summarized on a project sheet and will only be considered and accepted if the applicant attaches supporting documents indicating the contact details of the contracting authorities in order to facilitate the verification of the information provided, the contracts cited or copies of attestation(s) of good performance of each contract submitted, as issued and signed by the Client.

The Expressions of interest must be submitted no later than October 16th 2023 – at 5 : 00 PM GMT through a download to Dropbox 

The expression of interest must be in the form of a single PDF file. The RAAF reserves the right not to consider applications that do not comply with the above submission conditions.

Interested consultants can obtain additional information by writing to the following email addresses : cc :,,, with the subject « AMI038- Cartographie des acteurs-FSRP ».

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