Duration de The Mission   : Six (06) months renewable

Number of years of experience  : 5 Years


As part of the implementation of the ECOWAS - ECOWAP regional agricultural policy, it appears that several West African countries do not have enough experience regarding the implementation of projects and programmes on social safety nets in line with a national social protection strategy. In 2012 ECOWAS initiated the "Regional Programme of Support to National Social Safety Nets in West Africa - PRAFNSS" of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) aiming to support its member countries in their efforts to design and implement social safety net programmes.

Since 2014, the Regional Agency for Agriculture and Food (RAAF/ECOWAS) has been involved in the implementation of the Regional Agricultural Policy Support Project (ECOWAP/CAADP) funded by the Spanish International Cooperation Agency for Development, implementation activities of this regional programme of social safety nets by providing grants through two calls for proposals for projects (CP) as well as some studies on the subject. These calls for proposals funded nineteen (19) field projects implemented by national and international non-governmental organizations, regional or national agricultural producer organizations. The ten projects resulting from the first call for proposals are for the most part in their closing phase, while the 9 projects from the second call for proposals are in their start-up phase. A project-driven capitalization of the first call for proposals has been carried out in order to identify good practices and possible prospects.

In order to support PRAFNSS implementation efforts, RAAF seeks to recruit an international consultant in the field of social safety nets and social protection under the project "Support to Regional Agricultural Policy (ECOWAP/CAADP)".

The present terms of reference define the conditions and support framework of the RAAF consultant.


The consultant will provide technical assistance to RAAF in accordance with the objectives of the project including support for the implementation of the Regional Programme of Support to National Social Safety Nets with particular attention to gender issues. Specifically, his or her mission will be to carry out the following activities:

  • Deepen capitalization by integrating the achievements of field projects implemented under the second call for proposals and design/write capitalization and reflection notes on the experience of Social Safety Nets projects being implemented within RAAF;
  • Propose actions and prepare a project document on one or more specific aspects of social safety nets/social protection (gender and social safety nets, social safety nets in the field of pastoralism, social safety nets and youth employment, etc.), with a possibility of valuing the achievements of previous projects;
  • Capitalize on the actions of social safety nets in the various ECOWAS countries and prepare a summary document;
  • Ensure knowledge management on social safety nets;
  • Support RAAF in the organization of the Task Force/Platform on Social Safety Nets;
  • Support the field project leaders of the second call for project proposals in the implementation of their activities;
  • Participate alongside RAAF in the daily monitoring of field projects being implemented;
  • Provide technical assistance to the RAAF team on social protection issues and social safety nets;
  • Perform any other activity requested by ECOWAS.

The consultant will work under the direct supervision of the Head of the RAAF Technical Unit. He/she will work in close collaboration with the Spanish International Cooperation Agency for Development (AECID) Technical Assistant and the RAAF Food Safety and Vulnerability Management Programme Officer.


  • Establishment of an exchange network on social safety net issues in West Africa;
  • Distributable products on knowledge management on social safety nets (providing content for the RAAF website, various supports);
  • Summary document on social safety net actions in ECOWAS countries;
  • Production of capitalization forms of field projects;
  • Document on actions to be financed in the specific areas of social safety nets (gender and social safety nets, social safety nets and pastoralism, youth employment, etc.);


  • Hold a minimum university degree (Bac + 5) in social sciences, social protection, economics, agricultural-economics, rural development sciences, or any other related field;
  • Have at least five (5) years of experience in (i) designing and analyzing social protection issues and social safety nets in West Africa, (ii) monitoring and capitalizing on actions implemented for the benefit of vulnerable rural communities (iii) and the management of field projects in West Africa;
  • Have excellent cross-cutting knowledge of food and nutrition security, resilience as well as social and agricultural protection;
  • Have good drafting, summarizing and communication skills;
  • Have a good knowledge of ECOWAS regional agricultural policy and be familiar with ongoing regional processes related to food security, nutrition and resilience;
  • Have a proven ability in teamwork in a multicultural environment;
  • Be familiar with the institutional environment of West African regional organizations (ECOWAS, WAEMU, CILSS);
  • Have perfect command of one of the three official languages of ECOWAS (English, French, Portuguese) and average knowledge of a second language.

 Application requirements and employment

  • Enjoy his or her civil rights and be of good character;
  • Have the nationality of one of the ECOWAS member states;
  • A solid work experience in West Africa is required;
  • The duty station is Lome (Togo), with possible travel to other ECOWAS member states.


The mission is planned for an initial duration of 6 months.

 Applications File

Applicants must submit their complete application package consisting of the following documents:

  • A cover letter ;
  • A detailed curriculum vitae;
  • A copy of the degree.

Submission of applications

Interested candidates should send their applications to the following address, not later than 2nd November 2018 by 12 h noon:


Regional Agency for Agriculture and Food (RAAF)

83, Rue de la Pâture, Lomé Togo (sealed envelope « Recruitment of a Consultant in the field of Social Safety Nets for Food and Nutrition in West Africa»)


With object: " Recruitment of a Consultant in the field of Social Safety Nets for Food and Nutrition in West Africa"

Selection method

A Consultant will be selected according to the qualification-based selection method as defined in the ECOWAS procurement Code.

Deadline for Submission: 
Friday, 2 November, 2018 - 12:00
Fichiers à télécharger: 
PDF icon AVIS Filets sociaux FR.pdf