O Acordo de Paris sobre o Clima: um manual para a sua aplicação no espaço da CEDEAO
20 January 2021


Cooperação transfronteiriça: infra-estruturas hidro-agricolas para reforçar a convivência e a coesão social
20 January 2021
Solidariedade regional: alimentos para as famílias mais vulneráveis para enfrentarem a Covid-19
20 January 2021
Boletim de Informação trimestrial, a Edição Dupla 4&5 de Dezembro de 2020, está agora disponível
22 December 2020

Por favor, encontrar em anexo o boletim : Boletim de Informação trimestrial

Funding of the Private Fertilizer Sector: ECOWAS and EBID to Support the economic scheme of the West African Fertilizer Association (WAFA)
22 December 2020

With the encouragement of the ECOWAS Commission, WAFA mandated EBID to mobilize financial resources and provide the necessary technical assistance and advice.

Climate Challenge: A New Regional Project to Promote Climate-Smart Agriculture
18 December 2020

Le secteur agricole étant un des principaux leviers du développement économique et social de la région, les États doivent affronter ensemble le défi climatique.

Controlling Fruit Flies: ECOWAS Amplifies its Investment through SYRIMAO
18 December 2020

Considering the numerous achievements recorded by the Regional Fruit Fly Control Support Project (FFP) for the mango sector in West Africa, the EU and AFD wish to support a new phase of

Brief on the ECOWAS Rice Fact Book – First Edition (2019)
17 December 2020

In recent years, food consumption has shifted to rice in Sub-Sahara Africa where it is the largest source of calories and fastest growing cereal.

Five years after the adoption of the Paris Agreement: ECOWAS is more mobilized than ever for climate action.
11 December 2020

Five years after its adoption in Paris at COP21 organized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Paris Agreement became effective in 2020 and the ECOWAS Commissi

Workshop for communication officers of institutions and agencies on the “Graphic Charter and Visual Identity of ECOWAS”
26 November 2020

Communication officers of Institutions, Specialized Agencies and Representations of the ECOWAS Commission are meeting  from 25 to 27 November 2020 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire for a regional workshop