RIFAC - Climate-smart rice growing project


In the communes of Toucountouna and Ouaké in Benin, rice is an important crop. The need to improve yields is felt by rice producers who see a decrease in yields and production over the years.


Promote a territorial approach in the management of water resources for productive purposes and in the dissemination of agroecological practices for sustainable land management and adaptation to climate change.


229 037 euros
Expected Results: 
  • The management of land and water in the ricegrowing areas is carried out in a participatory and community-based manner thanks to the implementation of the Smart-Valley approach ;
  • Collective and sustainable agricultural practices, limiting greenhouse gas emissions and enabling the restoration of soil fertility, are promoted in the rice-growing areas supported by the project ;
  • Experiences and knowledge are co-constructed, analysed and capitalised on through an approach that fully mobilises local actors and promotes the institutional anchoring of the project.
Financial Partners: 
European UnionCEDEAO
Technical Partners: 
Expertise France
Wednesday, 30 September, 2020 to Friday, 30 September, 2022

Member Countries: