Fair Rice Sierra Leone (FRSL), a model for a wellorganised, climate-smart and inclusive rice value chain


Rice is the main staple food in the country. Unfortunately, imported rice is less rich in nutrients and faces price volatility. Promoting the development of the local parboiled rice value chain is essential to meet the growing demand for rice.


Contribute to strengthening the rice value chain in Sierra Leone to meet national demand for nutritious rice through increasing climate-smart rice production.

Expected Results: 
  • Improved linkages between farms and one-stopshop businesses as an effective agent to link farmers, processors, inputs and services.
  • Improved performance of the rice value chain by introducing climate-smart practices and innovations at the level of rice farmers.
  • Actors across the country have access to the onestop-shop model for a well-organised, climatesmart and inclusive rice value chain.
Financial Partners: 
European Union
Technical Partners: 
CILSSCEDEAOExpertise France
Wednesday, 31 March, 2021 to Wednesday, 30 November, 2022

Member Countries: