The ECOWAS Commission has secured two funding, including the French Development Agency (AFD) and the European Union (UE), to partially finance the costs of the Agroecology Programme, which includes the costs of the Transition Support Project Agroecological (PATAE) and the Project to Support the Spread and Implementation of Sustainable Agricultural Intensification Practices in West Africa. It proposes to use a portion of the funds to make authorized payments under the CZZ1848 - PATAE contract for which this Request for Proposals (DDP) is issued.

The ECOWAS Commission represented by the Regional Agency for Agriculture and Food - RAAF is now seeking proposals for the provision of the following Individual Consultant Services: "Study on the Communication and Communication Strategy visibility of the Agroecology Programme in West Africa." For more information about the Services, please see the attached Terms of Reference (ToR).    

Missions and tasks of consultants

The selected consultant will have to perform the following tasks: 

A conceptual note

This note will highlight the identification of all current and planned communication activities of the Program and the identification of strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities (SWOT analysis). Based on this analysis, the report will outline the basics of the communication strategy to be proposed. It will also provide a description of the proposed approach to conducting the work with the proposed working methodology and schedule. This note will be validated at the framing meeting.

Final Communication Strategy Project

The consultant will submit a draft communication strategy to the Project Coordination Unit and the RAAF team at the end of the study. The project will be submitted for observation of the actors consulted during the study (UCP, RAAF, ECOWAS, AVSF). The final communication strategy document will incorporate any further observations from the presentation of the project to a technical validation committee. This document outlines the communication strategy of the Global Agroecology Programme, taking into account the broad axes outlined in the budget table above, the targets and objectives to be achieved.

Budgeted operational action plan

The plan will describe the specific activities that will need to be carried out throughout the program, including the monitoring-assessment system, and the strategy adjustment mechanism as the strategy progresses). It will contain guidelines on longer-term interventions, as well as the mechanisms needed to implement the communication strategy. In addition, the plan will contain an execution schedule through which activities will be carried out, including a proposal for a schedule and budget including documentary film costs, responsible entities, etc. Finally, the overall budget required to operationalize the plan will have to be estimated as a percentage of the total cost of the program.

A communication monitoring and evaluation system and visibility

This system will describe the mechanism for continuous monitoring and final evaluation of communication activities to be carried out. The purpose of the communication and visibility System will be to measure the progress made and the results achieved in the suggested activities; it should also identify a group of SMART communication and visibility indicators to follow and propose a baseline survey for the implementation of the communication strategy and action plan.

Location of the mission

The mission is scheduled between October and December 2019 for a maximum of 30 man-days. It will take place mainly in Togo and Abuja, Nigeria.

Expected Products

The study is expected to document the comprehensive communication and visibility strategy of the programme, which will, on the one hand, facilitate and strengthen exchanges between intra- and inter-country field projects; on the other hand, to inform and raise awareness of the tangible achievements of the projects and the knowledge generated in the field of agro-ecological and the agro-ecological transition in West Africa, and, finally, to change attitudes and to adopt new practices.

Qualifications and skills required 

The consultant with a Master’s degree in economics, sociology, agronomy, agroeconomics, language sciences, or information and communication techniques...) must be specialized in communication and network support/animation with at least ten (10) years experience in communication or communication strategy. He must have a good knowledge of information and communication technologies and different media for the dissemination of references and knowledge. His experiences in designing communication strategies and animating development projects, cooperation in multi-target communication programmes and devices, as well as in communicating development projects will need to be Proven. He must have also proven experience in communicating projects funded by AFD and/or the UE. Also, his skills in the design and/or strategic communication planning and the development of communication of key messages with high impact, to address the various targets in the rural field currently facing change climate change will be an asset.

Conditions of application

  • Have the benefits of civil rights and be of good character;
  • Solid work experience in West Africa is needed;
  • Experience in teamwork is highly anticipated.


Able to understand one of the three working languages of ECOWAS (English, French, Portuguese) is required. The good linguistic capabilities (written and oral) of a second working language of the Commission would be an asset.

 Application file

Interested parties must provide a technical and financial proposal in accordance with the attached Request for Proposals.

Deadline for Submission: 
Monday, 7 October, 2019 - 17:00
How to Apply: 

Nominations are received no later than 20th Septemeber 2019 At 5:00 PM GMT, by own-handed deposits or e-mail at the following addresses:  

Agence Régionale pour l’Agriculture et l’Alimentation (ARAA)

83, Rue de la Pâture, Lomé, Togo (under closed fold with the words: « Recruitment of Consultant for the development of communication and visibility strategy of the Agroecology Programme in West Africa » :

Subjet : « Recruitment of Consultant for the development of communication and visibility strategy of the Agroecology Programme in West Africa»

Method of selection

The Individual Consultant will be selected using the Quality and Cost Selection (SFQC) method. Communication experiences, work plan compliance and proposed methodology under reference, consultant qualifications and skills, etc. will be key criteria for selection.

Fichiers à télécharger: 
PDF icon Expression of Interest.PDF icon Request for Proposals