As part of the deployment of the monitoring-evaluation system, the RAAF recruited a consultant who carried out the computerization of the monitoring-evaluation system (MESECOPS) and supported the RAAF in training staff and deploying the system. In 2022, the system was updated after capitalizing on existing experiences.

Within the framework of the FSRP project, it was agreed to integrate Kobotoolbox with the World Bank's GEMS system in MESECOPS in order to avoid duplication of platforms.

With this in mind, and in order to ensure assistance in the management of calls for project proposals available in MESECOPS, MESECOPS technical assistance has been planned in the 2023 budget of the RAAF.




ARAA has a management system for its monitoring and evaluation system and for calls for proposals. This system is developed in an OPEN-SOURCE web environment consisting of:

-  Server side:  LUCEE Application Server

-  Client side:  Jquery and Bootstrap

-  Database side:  MYSQL 8


This mission consists in the improvement of the existing and the extension of functionalities.


Objectives of the Study 

The objectives of the technical assistance are:


On monitoring and evaluation:

  • To integrate KoboToolbox into MESECOPS and make it operational as part of the World Bank project's GEMS facility
  • To make a study of the needs of the koboToolBox data processing in MESECOPS and to develop the standard interfaces
  • To provide capacity building for the RAAF in the use of KoboToolbox in MESECOPS

On calls for proposals:

  • To update the platform in the RAAF calls for proposals during 2023;
  • To provide assistance during the submission of RAAF calls for proposals during 2023;
  • To develop a step-by-step PA management manual and train staff;
  • To ensure database security;
  • To manage assessments and notification to project sponsors
  • To improve the PAs management interface to make it easier for non-technical staff to use. If not, the consultant should sufficiently document the step-by-step process for processing PAs to make it easier to use.


Expected Results

The expected outcomes of the study are:

On monitoring and evaluation:

  • The KoboToolbox software is integrated into MESECOPS and is operational in the framework of the World Bank project's GEMS facility
  • The technical specifications of the KoboToolBox data processing are available and the standard interfaces are integrated in MESECOPS
  • The capacity of the RAAF and FRSP recipient countries is strengthened in the use of the KoboToolbox/MESECOPS ecosystem

On calls for proposals:

  • The PAs platform is updated for the 2023 PAs;
  • The security of the database is assured;
  • A step-by-step PAs management manual is developed and RAAF staff are trained to use the updated platform.
  • The proposals are sent in due time to the evaluators and the platform is used for the synthesis of the notes;



The consultant will work remotely and face-to-face at the RAAF according to a mutually agreed upon schedule.

He/she will report to the Executive Director of the RAAF and will work closely with the IT Services Manager and the Monitoring & Evaluation Manager.

The mission includes a part of transfer of competence allowing a team of ARAA to take over the maintenance work, of assistance to the uses.


Qualifications and Skills Required

The consultant must have the following qualifications and skills:

  • a university degree in computer science, information systems, database management, or any other related discipline;
  • at least three (3) years of experience in (i) database design and experience in a call for proposals platform, experience in using KoboToolbox and linking it to other databases,
  • have a good knowledge of ECOWAS regional agricultural policy and be familiar with the WARDA call for proposals process;
  • Good experience working with open-source software and tools used on the platform;
  • proven ability to work in a team environment in a multicultural setting;
  • have a command of the official languages of ECOWAS (English, French, Portuguese);
  • Knowledge of ECOWAS institutions or development organizations would be an asset.


General Conditions for the Mission

  • ARAA will sign a framework contract with the selected consultant based on a per diem rate of pay. A Service Request and Purchase Order will be negotiated and signed as required by ARAA and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Master Agreement. The overall level of effort for the framework contract is estimated at a maximum of 60 men/days over a period of two (2) years.
  • The mission will be conducted remotely most of the time with missions at ARAA headquarters as required. In the latter case the ARAA will take over the airfare and pay the perdiem consultant according to the rates applicable to ECOWAS.


Application Form

Eligibility and qualifications

The ECOWAS Commission, through the Regional Agency for Agriculture and Food (RAAF) hereby invites natural persons to express their interest in providing the required services by providing information demonstrating that they possess the required qualifications and relevant experience to carry out the mission. Qualification and experience criteria better described in the terms of reference.

The attention of interested individual consultants is particularly drawn to Article 117 of the revised ECOWAS Public Procurement Code ("Offences by Candidates, Bidders and Winners"), which provides information on corrupt or fraudulent practices in competition or contract performance. In addition, please refer to the following specific information on conflicts of interest related to this assignment in accordance with Article 118 of the revised ECOWAS Public Procurement Code.


Application file

The application file consists of:

• A letter of interest;

• A detailed curriculum vitae;

• A copy of the diploma;

• A technical proposal outlining the proposed methodology;

• A financial proposal in the form of rates of pay per day.


Receipt of applications
  • Deadline for receipt of applications: 28 April 2023 at 17:00 GMT.
  • Submission links: Applications will be submitted by download to Dropbox
  • Application format: The application must be in the form of a single PDF file.
  • RAAF reserves the right not to consider applications that do not meet the above submission requirements.


Selection method

A consultant will be selected according to the individual consultant selection method described in the ECOWAS "Procurement Regulations". An interview to assess knowledge, skills and abilities may be arranged with the best candidates. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. For equal skills, female candidates will be privileged. RAAF reserves the right not to act on this advice.


​​​​​​​Request for additional information

Interested consultants can obtain further information by writing to the following e-mail addresses: cc:,   with the subject "SCI020- Consultant MESECOPS".

Deadline for Submission: 
Friday, 28 April, 2023 - 17:00
How to Apply: 

• Deadline for receipt of applications: 28 April 2023 at 17:00 GMT.
• Submission links: Applications will be submitted by download to Dropbox
• Application format: The application must be in the form of a single PDF file.
• RAAF reserves the right not to consider applications that do not meet the above submission requirements.

Fichiers à télécharger: 
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