• Project to support the scaling-up of dairy farmers' economic units (PROLAIT )

    • Durée24 months
    • Pays MembresBurkina Faso, Benin, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo
    • Liens externes du projet
    • Partenaires FinanciersCEDEAO - DDC
    • Partenaire TechniquesCNCR au Sénégal, CPF au Burkina- Faso, PNOPPAB au Bénin, CNOP au Mali Inter Réseau et développement international, APESS, RBM
    • BudgetUS$ 289,649
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The local milk sector in West Africa is faced with problems such as:

  • insufficient supply of local milk and dairy products/li>
  • strong competition from imported milk
  • Une forte concurrence du lait importé
  • inadequate traceability and milk quality control mechanisms
  • difficulties in accessing financing, especially for young people and women. This regional project, conceived by ROPPA, is designed to meet these challenges

The aim of this project is to help young people enter the dairy industry and develop their potential, thereby overcoming the constraints associated with supplying processing units with quality milk in sufficient quantities. Secondly, it aims to support young people in the production of fodder and contribute to reinforcing storage and access to livestock feed, as well as strengthening partnerships for improving milk quality and reinforcing the systems for promoting dairy product brands already set up by POs. It also contributes to strengthening local players' access to financing by supporting the development of business plans.

To help ensure that urban consumers have access to local dairy products of sufficient quality and quantity.

Specific objectives

To support the scaling-up of women's and young people's economic units in the dairy sector in West Africa

The implementation of the project is based on a holistic territorial approach.

iconComponent 1
Targeting beneficiaries in each country
iconComponent 2
Regional project management by a program manager 
iconComponent 3
Operational management at national level with national platforms
iconComponent 4
Organization of 2 online consultations each year to take stock
iconComponent 5
Reporting on projects to the Executive Board
iconComponent 6
Development of partnerships with Inter-réseaux and in-country quality analysis laboratories.

Results 1

  • At least 5 networks of economic units in the milk sector in 5 countries (Burkina Faso, Benin, Mali, Senegal, Togo) are increasing their sales by 5% by improving the quality and quantity of milk and milk by-products on the market

Results 2

  • Demand for dairy products from local consumers is growing at an average rate of 15%

Results 3

  • Farmers share and reinforce their knowledge of breeding and dairy processing practices

Results 4

  • The project's activities generate information and knowledge that is put to good use to support the content and effectiveness of the implementation of public policies, strategies and programs, and the development of services for the benefit of local milk value chain stakeholders
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