• Project to improve training and apprenticeship in the local milk sector (PAFAMEL)

    • Durée24 months
    • Pays MembresBurkina Faso, Mali, Niger
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    • Partenaires FinanciersCEDEAO - DDC
    • Partenaire TechniquesPeace Nexus, VSF-Suisse, VSF-Belgique
    • BudgetUS$ 329,012
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In the Sahel, young people live in an environment that offers them no viable prospects. As a result, they are willing to join terrorist groups who use the parallel economy and money generated by illicit trafficking as bait in their recruitment strategy. In such a context, it is essential to set up flexible, inclusive training schemes that can be adapted in terms of content and delivery approaches, enabling young people to enter the dairy value chains that offer significant employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. PAMAFEL aims to help young people exploit the significant development potential of local milk value chains.

The action is part of a wider program. Faced with the immense challenge of youth employment in West Africa, ECOWAS adopted in 2019:

  • A regional strategy on youth employability
  • De programmes prioritaires d’investissements pour la création massive d’emplois
  • Priority investment programs for massive job creation
  • Specific mobilizing projects for the benefit of RPOs and member
  • states.

The RBM's youth engagement program is structured around three strategic areas:

  • Institutional, organizational and technical capacities building and representativeness of young people (men and women) in the RBM's decision-making bodies
  • developing economic initiatives favoring the retention of young people in pastoral environments, their professional integration and empowerment.

The action contributes directly to the implementation of the RBM's youth engagement program insofar as it promotes the implementation of a training programme in dairy trades for about a hundred young people from pastoral and agro-pastoral areas.

To support young pastoralists and agro-pastoralists in a training and apprenticeship process, so that they can acquire the skills and means to increase their employability in the local milk sector or the profitability of their businesses geared towards developing this sector.

Specific objectives

To promote the professionalization and economic empowerment of young people from pastoral and agro-pastoral areas, by consolidating their technical, managerial, commercial and innovation skills, so that they can exploit the development potential of local dairy value chains.

The implementation of the action will be based on the following methodological approaches:

iconComponent 1
Promoting the professionalization of young pastoralists and agro-pastoralists, with the aim of integrating them into the local milk industry
iconComponent 2
The construction and implementation of a training offer based on a diversity of trades (upstream and downstream trades and related trades)
iconComponent 3
Combining the process of training and empowerment of young people with the provision of multi-dimensional support to promote their socio-economic integration into the industry

Results 1

  • Digital innovations are promoted

Results 2

  • Young people and households are trained and supported
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