Submission Deadline: 
31 August, 2020 - 16:00

The Regional Agency for Agriculture and Food of ECOWAS created by regulation c / reg.1 / 08/11 of August 19, 2011 contributes to the implementation of the regional agricultural policy, ECOWAP, whose vision is backed by modern and sustainable agriculture, based on the effectiveness and efficiency of family farms and the promotion of agricultural businesses through private sector involvement.

The mandate of RAAF is "to ensure the technical execution of regional investment programs and plans that contribute to operationalize the regional agricultural policy by relying on regional institutions, organizations and actors with proven skills". It plays the role of a specialized technical structure, as the delegated contracting authority for ECOWAP/CAADP projects and programs.
Specifically, RAAF's mission is to:

  • Strengthen the capacities for technical intervention and action of the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources of ECOWAS in the implementation of investment programs to allow the Department to fully play its sovereign role (strategic guidance, regulation, steering and monitoring-evaluation, strategic watch, etc.);
  • Coordinate, with a view to streamlining, the activities and fields of intervention of technical institutions specializing in the agricultural and agro-food fields;                          
  • Contribute to building the capacities of regional and national actors in the preparation of files / projects, the implementation and monitoring of activities.


Purpose and expected results of the mission

The overall objective of the consultation is to design and put on line a new web interface for the Agency's website, thus making it possible to report on its revised mission and to offer customers greater user-friendliness when looking for information.
The specific objectives of the consultation are as follows:

a. Carry out an in-depth technical analysis of the situation (drawing  from RAAF’s institutional communication system), in particular statistics of website visit  (Google Analytics), architecture, interactivity and the graphic charter;
b. Propose an innovative architecture and graphic charter that take into account the concern for usability of the interface which improves user experience on any type of screen (responsive design);
c. Develop and put online the new web interface of the website;
d. Update the document management module (publication /checklists/capitalization documents) on the website to a more innovative interface;
e. Propose an organization / architecture that takes into account current standards and trends;
f. Support the Agency for the launch of the new version of the web interface;
g. Update the website user and administration guide; and
h. Perform maintenance for six (6) months after the launch of the new web interface to ensure that it works well.


Qualifications, skills and experience

The Drupal Consultant must have the following profile:

  • Hold a higher education diploma (BAC + 2 at least) or equivalent in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), the web and / or any other field related to ICT and web databases;
  • Have at least three (3) years of professional experience in IT development, website development and infographics design;
  • Have at least three (3) references from Drupal missions (institutional websites development with the Drupal CMS) over the last five (5) years in the region (provide copies of certificates of completion or contracts );
  • Have solid notions in terms of application / website security, referencing in search engines, as well as legal notions relating to compliance with the regulations in force, in particular with regard to the protection of personal data;
  • Have a good knowledge of the ECOWAS Commission and its institutions;
  • Previous work experience with ECOWAS or a regional integration institution would be an asset.



Candidates must be fluent in one of the 3 ECOWAS working languages (French, English, Portuguese). Knowledge of a second language is an asset.


Application file

  • A letter of expression of interest, including the availability period;
  • A letter of expression of interest, including availability time;
  • A recent curriculum vitae detailing professional experience and similar assignments;
  • Three professional references (first and last names, current functions, functions at the time of collaboration with the Consultant, email and telephone contacts)
  • Certified copy of the highest diploma;
  • Copy of the certificates of work or service rendered, listed in the curriculum vitae.

Incomplete application will not be considered.


Submission of applications

Interested consultants (Consulting firms or two-person teams of consultants) are requested to produce the information demonstrating their qualifications and experience in the delivery of such services. They will have to give evidence of references of recent and/or similar services. In this respect, they are invited to submit their applications by August 31, 2020 at 16 GMT at 16: 00 GMT, Togo time, the latest.To the address below:


Regional Agency for Agriculture and Food

Boulevard de la Paix, 83 rue de la Pâture, Lomé, Super Taco, Togo

Telephone: +228 22 21 40 03/ 22 21 50 03.  



Subject:Selection of a Drupal Consultant for the development of a new interface for the website of the Regional Agency for Agriculture and Food of ECOWAS.”

NB: Bid whose subject is not specified will not be considered.


Selection method

The Consultant will be selected according to the qualification-based selection method as defined in the ECOWAS Code. RAAF will make a shortlist of up to 6 applicants, for the remainder of the process.  

Only shortlisted applications will be contacted. RAAF reserves the right not to act on this expression of interest.

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