Submission Deadline: 
13 March, 2023 - 12:00

As part of the implementation of component 2 of the Research and Innovation Project for Productive, Resilient, and Healthy Agro-Pastoral Systems in West Africa (PRISMA), the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), through the Regional Agency for Agriculture and Food (RAAF) in Lomé, and with financial assistance from the European Union (EU), provides a total amount of seven hundred ninety-five thousand three hundred and eighty-six euros (795,386) to finance local initiatives and innovations to improve the availability and access to livestock feed in West Africa.

Funding will be awarded to quality "innovative" projects whose results will improve regional availability and access to quality animal feed through improved production and distribution organization.

The Call for Proposals File (CPF), which is available on the following websites, specifies the eligible organizations, the instructions for proposal formulation, and the administrative documentation to be provided:


The livestock ministries of the 15 ECOWAS member countries and Chad will be asked to widely disseminate information about this call for proposals.

The concept note and detailed project document must be submitted via email to in Word and PDF format.

The concept note and full project submission deadline is March 13, 2023, at noon Lomé/Togo time.

Any project submission received after the deadline will be rejected and will not be evaluated.


Kindly find attached the Notice of Call for Proposals and the Guidelines