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28 June, 2020 - 23:59
  • Guidelines have been updated - Modification of the indicative timetable on the th September, 2020.

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  • Annex I: Guidelines and checklist for evaluating the budget
  • Annex J: Form for description of the Subsidy candidate's skills

The latest version of the guidelines to be taken into account is that of 07.09.2020. The documents can be downloaded from this page.

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  • The Guidelines have been updated ;
  • The indicative timetable have been modified ;
  • The version of the guidelines in force is that of 22.07.2020
  • The documents can be downloaded from this page.


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Innovations for smart family farming exposed to climate change in West Africa - GCCA + West Africa (GCCA + AO)

The GCCA+ - West Africa aims to participate in the regional west african effort to implement the Paris Agreement on climate through capacity building of regional institutions in west Africa, and by promoting the emergence of innovative solutions on the field to fortify climate resilence  of  rural and agricultural stakeholders. Indeed, all the countries of the  ECOWAS  zone (+ Chad and Mauritania) have included agriculture as a priority sector (adaptation and mitigation) for their National level Determined Contributions (NLDC). Dominated by family agriculture (main source of income and subsistence for 70% of the population), west african agriculture is grappling with difficulties to access funding to invest in sustainable production and scaling of proven technical solutions in order to address climate change and variability. Already facing structural challenges ( progressive saturation of spaces, degradation of soil fertility, etc. ), the region is confrornted withe double phenomenon of climate variability and change which affect agricultural performance, supply stability, the occurrence of climate related risks and, consequently, income and food and nutrition security. Thus, the ECOWAS Commission is promoting « an integrated approach to processing and redirecting agricultural systems in order to durably and equitably increase agricultural productivity and income, boost adaptation andresilience against climate variability and change, and to sequester and/or reduce greenhouse gases witse possible and appropriate (…) ». It has put in place the West African Alliance for climate smart agriculture , and bears today the definition of thiscall for project proposals operationalized by Expertise France.

This call for proposals spearheaded by ECOWAS is entrenched in the strategic frameworks at regional (ECOWAP 2025) and national (CDN). It constitues one pf the main activities of Outcome 3 (EO3) of the  GCCA + West Africa program :

EO3. Pilot adaptation projects, including solutions based on an ecosystemic approach, already tested and implemented in the ECOWAS countries and used as references for future replication are scaled (extension or replication).

All information is available in the guidelines (see attached document).

An information session on this call for proposals will be organized in a dematerialized manner, in the form of a webinar, on 28 May at 2 PM UTC. More precise information relating to the information session will be posted at least one week in advance on the websites and .

Applicants may send their questions by e-mail, at least 21 days before the deadline for submission of Concept Notes, to the address below, clearly indicating the reference of the call for proposals:

email address:

Expertise France is not obliged to provide clarification on questions received after this date.

For any communication, please write to this address :


Applicants are invited to submit their expressions of interest to this address :




Annex A : Grant Application Form


Documents to complete

  • Annex A : Grant Application Form (Word format)
  • Annex B : Budget (Excel format)
  • Annex C : Logical Framework (Word format)
  • Annex D : Legal Entity Sheet
  • Annexes E: Financial identification form and third identity sheet


To access the forms, please click on this link  :


Documents for information

  • Annex F: Model Grant Contract
    • Annex II: General conditions
    • Annex IV: Procurement rules applicable in the implementaiton’s framework of grants awarded by Expertise France
    • Annex V: Payment Request Template
    • Annex VI: Narrative and Financial Reporting Template19
    • Annex VII: Declaration on honor regarding the exclusion criteria and the absence of conflicts of interest
    • Annex VIII: Model of transfer of ownership of assets
    • Annex IX: Grant Management Guide (Annex in development)
  • Annex I : Guidelines and checklist for evaluating the budget for the grant contract action            
To access the documents for information, please click on this link :